NewspaperDirect South Africa

NewspaperDirect South Africa is licensed to print and distribute in excess of 2500 Out-of-Market International Daily Newspapers from over 100 countries worldwide. These high quality, laser-printed newspapers are tabloid-sized replicas of the current day versions of high profile brands such as The Times of London, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Mail and Suddeutsche Zeitung to name but a few, allowing international tourists and business travelers the luxury of enjoying up to date copies of their hometown newspapers whilst in South Africa.

How to get your paper?

You have FOUR options to get your paper……

  1. NewspaperDirect
  2. Retailers
  3. PostNets
  4. Self-print or on-line

1. NewspaperDirect

We have offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Deliveries can be made direct to your door within a reasonable radius of our offices. Please contact us to request your paper.

Cape Town: (t) 021-4330359 (e)
Johannesburg: (t) 011-7860981 (e)

2. Retailers

We have a number of retailers in Cape Town and Johannesburg and are expanding all the time.

The current list of retailers is:

Cape Town: Johannesburg:
Ulrich Nauman German Books
Exclusive Books Airport
CNA Airport International   (Domestic & International)
Exclusive Books Constantia Exclusive Books Mandela Square
Exclusive Books V&A   Sandton
Exclusive Books Airport Exclusive Books Hyde Park
  (Domestic & International)    
Exclusive Books Cavendish    
Wordsworth Seapoint &    
  Garden Centre    

3. PostNet

NewspaperDirect has partnered with the PostNet shops around South Africa to allow them to print the International Newspapers.

Currently there are approx 35 PostNets activated on our system.
Please contact them directly to enquire about your paper.
Store Locator:

4. Self-print or Online viewing

NewspaperDirect have 2 exciting solutions for getting the International Newspapers yourself. The self-print option is very simple and user friendly. It is a cost-effective solution and all you need is an A3 printer and an internet connection. Please contact us for more info.

The online solution is very flexible and gives you access to many publications in their original format. This software also allows you to search the newspapers and to navigate very easily. Please contact us for more info.